How to Buy/Sell


If you are already a Bitcoin user and ready to invest, it's time to refill your address balance. On the Internet there are many websites where you can find information about your nearest cryptocurrency seller. You will find a lot of exchange points where you can buy Bitcoin using any convenient method of payment, and even your local currency. Below you will find a list of websites with a high degree of confidence:


Get started

Every person who wishes to use cryptocurrency as a main or additional way of earning money, first of all wonders where to begin. As the practice shows, there is nothing complicated in working with cryptocurrency, especially if we are talking about Halexo Limited. Comprehensive interface and a detailed registration instruction is all you need to start earning viable money


Before you actually start earning money on the website you need to undergo a simple registration procedure. To do this, go the website When you press the 'Register' button, you will be offered to fill in the fields, which are mandatory to complete the registration procedure and create your own personal account. As a rule, in these fields you should indicate the name, login and the password you would use to enter your own personal account. You also need to enter your active contact email and usable cryptocurrency address. Having filled all fields marked as mandatory ones you may press the 'Register' button. Even if you have done something incorrectly, the system will offer you to undergo re-registration procedure pointing out the made mistakes.


The opening deposit procedure is available in your personal account if you turn to the 'Deposit' tab. Having deposited money, you will see an information update on the website and since that moment the accrual of interest starts.


Halexo Limited gives its clients a possibility of passive money earning through attracting new partners and investors. Thus, each referrral who registers in the system with your help is considered affiliated to your account. You get a certain interest to your deposit account from this person's income. You can attract new clients to the program in different ways, which suit you the best.


At the next stage the users mainly attend to the possibility of getting a profit and withdrawal of funds. Firstly, as it has already been mentioned, interest accrual to your deposit starts practically from the first hour of registration and account activation, herewith interest accrual is carried out on a hourly basis. Any change in your balance is shown in your personal account and can be veiwed at any moment. Withdrawal of money is always available and carried out instantly.